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Address : Ruko Golden Madrid II Blok I No. 25

BSD City, Jl. Pahlawan Seribu, Tangerang 15322

Telephone : (62-21) 5316 4920

Facsimile : (62-21) 53164921

HP: +628176612888


Business Lines : Fleet Management and Tyre Control Centre

Our Tyre Control Centre manage overall tyre business, start from tyre supply management (min-max stock, inventory management) , tyre selection, tyre and rim maintenance, monitor tyre operational and also tyre data analysis, so we can achieve maximum tire lifetime with maximum casing life for retread, decrease breakdown time with best safety and finally reduce cost and more profit.

The tyre maintenance process is the most important component of a Tyre Control Center. We are dedicated to keeping a tyre in service as long as possible. Our target is a "lower cost per mile" for your fleet. The lowest possible cost-per-mile is achieved with a good tyre management program that includes the use of quality retreads.


1. Supply and Warehouse management

· Ensuring correct management of the warehousing of all tires, tubes and rim parts.

Warehousing shall include:

- Loading/unloading of tires, tubes, rims and accessories delivered to or away from the tire bay.

- Ensuring that upon receipt, all new tires and rims are inspected for damage, especially damage incurred in transit for insurance purpose.

2. Tyre maintenance services

 Removal and refitting of all tires requiring replacement, repair, matching or testing.

 Tyre matching programs, for ensuring treads condition are same on once axle.

 Tyre rotation programs, for ensuring same treads wear.

 Checking and recording tire inflation pressures on all pneumatic tired vehicles on a minimum basis of once per week. The check shall include maintenance of tire pressures at levels to meet established heat/load requirements on designated units.

Fleet standard air pressures for your fleet can be established based on the loads carried and the length of haul. These air pressures are in accordance with the standards set by various tire manufacturers and the Tire and Rim Association. It is the responsibility of all who service a vehicle to ensure the air pressure is checked with a properly calibrated air pressure gauge once per week.

In procesure of this also including inspect for :

· Inspect for remaining tread (RTD).

· Inspect for the tire for potential damage

· Inspect for all wheels looking for wheel alignment, missing valve caps, damaged rims/wheels, etc.

· Inspect for all tyre condition

 Scrap Tyre analysis.

I Inspecting of tires, rim and tubes which have been removed giving details of reasons for removal and recommendation for reconditioning, re-use or disposal. Result of scrap analysis can use as basis for performance improvement.

By inspecting the Scrap Tire, can identify the factors that have caused the tires to be removed from service. These factors may be a symptom of an isolated problem or they may indicate a major trend. Identifying these trends will help your company to correct the underlying problems and reduce your tire costs. We are dedicated to keeping a tire in service as long as possible. Our target is a "lower cost per mile" for your fleet.

 Sorting tires and rims

 Branding, identifying all tyre.

A record of each tire serial number or agreed identification system shall be kept to enable the location of any given tire from new to scrap.

This procedure is done as a precaution, it indicates the ownership of the tires and thereby eliminates the possibility of having them installed on vehicles other than those operated by your company. It can also reduce the possibility of tire theft.

 Keeping the tire bay and surrounds in a high standard of housekeeping

 Maintain all tire related tools and equipment in high state of serviceability.

 Propose warranty claim to tire manufacturer.

 Removal Tire for Retread

3. Data Analysis

We provide Tyre Control Center Software (V-TCC) on site to administrate and monitor tyre data. Those software will generate report by daily, weekly and monthly. The report consists of :

¨ Stock level for all tires at the end of the month.

¨ New tire usage by quantity and cost.

¨ Tyre lifetime, by pattern, model and position.

¨ Actual wears ratio.

¨ Cost per km.

¨ Reason for removal.

¨ Fitment and Removal history.

¨ Cost per Unit

¨ Tyre Performance Comparison by Brand

¨ Daily, Weekly and Monthly

¨ Daily Inspection

¨ Warranty claim

4. Training

We will be available to train driver and maintenance personnel on site in any tire related matters. And high safety standard working at tire field area.


We have manpowers for handling scope of work TCC. The specification of V-TCC manpowers :

1. Tyre Supervisor

2. Tyre Engineer

3. Tyre Foreman

4. Tyre Administration

5. Tyre EDP

6. Tyre Scrap Analyse

7. Tyre Inspector

8. Tyre Fitter.